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Our people are the core of our business. Since 1998 our talented and dedicated team have helped us to achieve an outstanding reputation. Astorg is a high-performance organization and at the same time has nurtured the values that define its unique culture.

Astorg employees

Our values


We make things happen

  • We are driven by ambitious plans. We love growth
  • We innovate to create change and new wealth for the economy
  • We hire for accountability and provide autonomy


We aim to be fair in everything we do

  • We act with nuance
  • We respect our community and environment
  • We include


We believe in the power of listening

  • We never assume, we listen
  • We treat people with respect. No exceptions permitted
  • We are realistic about what we can offer


We focus on what matters

  • We are straightforward, we do not pretend
  • We value facts and reasoning
  • We win through focus & discernment

Astorg in numbers

Global team


Global offices




Life at Astorg3

We are continuously looking for world class talent to bring unique skills to our growing team.

We believe in the value of our people and look to retain and reward our people as we achieve strong results well into the future. We are constantly looking for talented people to bring their skills to our expanding team.

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