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IGM Resins


About IGM Resins

IGM Resins is a global leading company focused on the development, manufacturing and supply of specialty ultraviolet (“UV”) curable material solutions for the inks & coatings industry.

IGM Resins develops, manufactures and supplies photoinitiators, acrylates and additives for the UV inks & coatings industry. The company also offers specialty intermediates for the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

IGM serves over 1,400 inks and coatings formulators in more than 25 countries and across a diverse set of high-growth end-markets with particular strength in graphic arts (inkjet, 3D printing, printing inks for food packaging, etc.), wood coatings, electronics, optical coatings and adhesives.

The company benefits from fast organic growth, driven by a clear trend of UV curing penetration over other technologies (e.g. thermal water and solvent curing) due to improved productivity, energy savings and better environmental profile. Its worldwide market-leading positions are protected by a high level of differentiation through a broad and unrivalled portfolio of patented products.

IGM Resins is headquartered in Waalwijk (The Netherlands) and employs more than 750 employees across its plants and R&D centers in Italy, US and China and distribution centers around the globe.

IGM Resins
IGM Resins

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Astorg VI

Astorg as seen by IGM Resins

“We are pleased that Astorg has recognized IGM’s value creation strategy and to partnering with them to continue our focus on providing our customers new products and technologies across the product portfolio. Astorg has significant experience in the specialty chemical sector and a broad and experienced team, which will ensure a seamless transition.”

Edward Frindt, IGM Resins CEO

IGM Resins
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