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HRA Pharma


About HRA Pharma

A specialty pharma focused on women's health and endocrinology with leading positions in Europe.

HRA Pharma is a European leader in emergency contraception, after developing the first levonorgestrel-based emergency contraceptive in 1999 and introducing the new generation product ellaOne, an ulipristal acetate-based emergency contraceptive, now available in over 80 countries worldwide. HRA Pharma later developed Esmya, a breakthrough innovation in non-surgical treatment of uterine fibroids.

HRA Pharma also holds a strong and successful global franchise in the therapeutic area of rare endocrine diseases, focused in particular on the Cushing syndrome. Each year, HRA invests a significant share of its revenue in R&D and has a rich and innovative development pipeline in its core therapeutic areas.

HRA Pharma has set up a commercial infrastructure across eleven European countries through seven subsidiaries and has built a global distribution network for its products across 80 countries.

HRA Pharma
HRA Pharma

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€89 m


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Astorg VI

Astorg as seen by HRA Pharma

"This deal opens an exciting new chapter for the company. It will allow us to deliver immediate value to our historical shareholders, while continuing to innovate, invest in strategic growth initiatives and extend the company's operational reach. In the years to come, we aspire to enter the US market and to continue to deliver new and best-in-class medicines to our patients, healthcare providers and partners.  We closed out 2015 with record sales growth. With the backing of Astorg and Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division, two world-class investors with outstanding reputations and networks, we have the resources and the ambition to take the business to a new level."

Erin Gainer, HRA Pharma CEO

HRA Pharma
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