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About Echosens

Echosens is a specialized diagnostic company providing non-invasive medical devices and services to support physicians in their diagnostic and monitoring of chronic liver diseases.

Echosens has developed a proprietary innovative technology known as VCTE (“Vibration Controlled Transient Elastography”) enabling to generate precise quantitative measurements of some key liver parameters including liver stiffness, a strong indicator of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis and a physical marker of hepatitis.

Echosens’ FibroScan devices have introduced a breakthrough approach to the diagnosis of hepatitis by providing a non-invasive, easier to use and cost-effective alternative to the biopsy with no risk of complications. Rising prevalence of NASH, a metabolic disease caused by build-up of fat in the liver and resulting in liver inflammation and ultimately fibrosis/ cirrhosis should further support the use of Echosens devices for patient diagnostic and monitoring, especially when treatments under development become available.   

Echosens has a global reach including a strong footprint in Europe, the US and Asia with direct operations through six subsidiaries and a worldwide distribution network across 80 countries.


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Astorg VI

Astorg as seen by Echosens

“This transaction opens a promising new chapter for Echosens which will allow us, with the support of Astorg, to further strengthen our leadership in the field of non-invasive liver disease diagnosis through continuous investment in innovation, enrichment of our value proposition for end users and set-up of strategic partnerships, while pursuing the Company’s expansion. We are delighted to partner with Astorg, whose expertise in the healthcare space will help us fulfill our growth ambitions."  

Laurent Sandrin, Echosens Founder and Chairman

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