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Key Data



Sales at Acquisition

€89 m






Astorg VI

Sustainable Development Goals

E WEB Goal 03
E WEB Goal 05

Head office

HRA Pharma has set up a commercial infrastructure across eleven European countries through seven subsidiaries and in the US.

Global sales

HRA Pharma has built a global distribution network for its products across 80 countries.

HRA Pharma’s Ethics Programme

RA Pharma distributes therapeutic solutions to over 90 countries worldwide, some of them answering medical needs that are not addressed by large pharmaceutical groups.

In order to do that, the Group relies on many distributors, state officials and medical practitioners. However, there is a risk of corruption when contracting with such players. Therefore, HRA Pharma is implementing an ambitious Ethics Programme:

  • In 2012, the company committed to sustainable business practices by signing the UN Global Compact.
  • Several policies and processes have been formalised (Code of Ethics, Anti-corruption Policy, etc.).
  • Every new distributor has to answer to a due diligence questionnaire. In 2018, 20 distributors received and answered the due diligence questionnaire.
  • HRA Pharma trains every newcomer on ethics and compliance matters.
  • In 2018, 87% of employees have successfully passed the e-learning test on ethics and compliance.

The remaining 13% had to reschedule the test or participate in a face-to-face training.