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Creating sustainable value

Astorg strongly believes responsible investment can lower risk and increase financial returns for our funds and for our portfolio companies while also benefiting society as a whole. This is why Environmental, Social and Governance aspects are key to Astorg’s activities and are fully integrated into our policies and processes.

ESG Governance team

Sustainability-Related Disclosures

ESG reports

Transparency is key for Astorg and this is why we provide periodic updates to all our stakeholders about the development of our responsible investment programme.

How we create sustainable value

Astorg is committed to pursuing responsible investment because it creates value by:

  • improving our portfolio companies’ operational efficiency
  • ensuring future compliance with upcoming industry trends and regulations on environmental and social issues
  • strengthening trust and transparency between Astorg and its shareholders
  • benefiting society and the environment
  • enabling our portfolio companies to have a competitive advantage and to be ready for the future sustainability challenges such as climate change and therefore improving financial performance in the long term
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Strategy and 2022 Objectives

1. Integrating ESG principles into the investment process


100% of due diligence before offer validation integrates ESG aspects

2020 results


2. Ensuring portfolio companies have an ESG programme


100% of Astorg portfolio companies adopted an ESG programme which includes:

  • An ESG representative
  • An ESG strategy
  • An ESG action plan with KPIs approved and discussed at Board level
  • An internal ESG committee

2020 results


3. Ensuring portfolio companies improve their ESG processes and reduce their social and environmental footprint


100% of Astorg portfolio companies to carry out at least:

  • 1 initiative to reduce their environmental footprint
  • 1 initiative to improve the protection and well-being of their employees
  • 1 initiative to improve their data security and protection process
  • 1 initiative to improve their governance process

2020 results


Companies disclosing their carbon footprint (scope 1, 2 and 3)


Companies with an Ecovadis Sustainability Rating


ESG and the investment process

We incorporate ESG criteria at every stage of our investment process.


Before investment, we conduct ESG screening and analysis of the targeted investments in order to identify any material breach against Astorg’s prohibited or restricted investments. Once the opportunity of a new investment is validated, we undertake specific ESG due diligences focusing on the investment’s material aspects in order to assess potential related risks and to identify possible opportunities.


During the ownership phase, we monitor ESG progress within our portfolio by engaging with the companies’ management and supporting their ESG programmes, placing realistic expectations on the companies through an action plan reviewed at board level on a yearly basis.


When exiting an investment, we seek to show evidence of the contribution of the company’s progress on ESG to its performance and we work closely with the company’s management to prepare it to answer to ESG-related questions from prospective buyers.

Our ESG programme

Astorg’s ESG approach has a very strong focus on strengthening our portfolio companies’ ESG performance and in supporting internal sustainability initiatives. For this, we have set up an entire programme to ensure continual improvement of our portfolio’s ESG performance.

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We organise three ESG events per year gathering all our portfolio companies’ ESG representatives around specific topics such as climate change and supply chain sustainability. Our ESG events aim to enable sharing of experiences and best practices, as well as provide training and encouragement for ESG initiatives within our companies.

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We have set up a network of sustainability leaders within our portfolio companies with the aim to share best practices and lead ESG programmes internally.

Data collection

Data Collection

We run a yearly data collection campaign to measure and report our portfolio’s ESG performance on a number of environmental, social and governance indicators.

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Carbon Footprint

As part of our commitment to the Initiative Climat 2020, we measure our portfolio’s carbon footprint and we set up climate action plans in order to reduce our companies’ carbon footprint and to unlock innovative opportunities to adapt to climate change.

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