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Responsible Investment - Our approach

We integrate responsible investment principles into our investment process, our portfolio companies and our own corporate culture.

ESG and the investment process




Exclusions of prohibited sectors as defined in Astorg’s ESG policy

Preliminary ESG analysis in order to determine the focus of the ESG Due Diligence

Pre- or post-closing ESG Due Diligence

  • Identification of ESG risks and opportunities
  • Evaluation of maturity level and areas of progress
  • Recommendations for an ESG roadmap

Inclusion of key ESG requirements in the Investment Memorandum

Engagement with the company

  • Presentation of the conclusions of the ESG Due Diligence and discussion with management
  • Draft of an ESG roadmap with specific objectives and KPIs in consultation with management

ESG reporting

  • Assess each company’s progress on the ESG roadmap
  • Completion of an annual ESG reporting by each company
  • Publication of an ESG annual report at portfolio level

Maximise ESG contribution to ROI

  • Feature ESG performance and highlight operational value-add of ESG improvements to buyers
  • Prepare the company for investor questions on ESG

Our ESG Programme

Astorg’s ESG approach has a very strong focus on strengthening our portfolio companies’ ESG performance and in supporting internal sustainability initiatives. For this, we have set up an entire programme to ensure continual improvement of our portfolio’s ESG performance.

  • Astorg’s ESG club: we have set up a network of sustainability leaders within our portfolio companies with the aim to share best practices and lead ESG programmes internally.
  • ESG events: we organise 3 ESG events per year gathering all our portfolio companies’ ESG representatives around specific topics such as climate change and supply chain sustainability. Our ESG events aim to enable sharing of experiences and best practices, as well as provide training and encouragement for ESG initiatives within our companies.
  • Our ESG data collection: we run a yearly data collection campaign to measure and report our portfolio’s ESG performance on a number of environmental, social and governance indicators.
  • Our Carbon footprint programme: as part of our commitment to the Initiative Climat 2020, we measure our portfolio’s carbon footprint and we set up climate action plans in order to to reduce our companies’ carbon footprint and to unlock innovative opportunities to adapt to climate change

Case Studies


Audiotonix, specialised in the production of professional audio mixing consoles, has adopted an Eco-design policy which is integrated into their R&D process with the aim to anticipate future sustainability trends and requirements targeting electronics product design and to make its products future proof.


IQ-EQ has a best in class data security programme which is ISO 27001 certified to ensure protection of its customer data and systems from cyber risks and data breaches.

HRA Pharma

HRA Pharma, a specialty pharma focused on women's health and endocrinology, has put in place a strong ethics and anti-corruption due diligence programme for its suppliers and distributors to strengthen its corporate culture and to prevent related-risks over all its business.

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