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About Surfaces

Surfaces is the leading supplier of abrasive tools and consumables that intervene in the manufacturing process of high-end materials.

Surfaces develops, manufactures and sells abrasive tools and other consumables used to smoothen, cut and polish high-end ceramic, stone and glass products. The company’s tools allow clients to improve the aesthetics of their products, i.e. touch, colour reflection, design definition and, consequently, the selling price.

The company benefits from fast organic growth, driven by increasing penetration of the abrasive technologies it has developed. Its worldwide market-leading positions are protected by high technical barriers to entry and close relationships with their customer.

Surfaces’ primary industrial, commercial and R&D operations are spread across four locations in Northern Italy. The company has also established subsidiaries in the United States, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Turkey.


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Astorg VI

Astorg as seen by Surfaces

“We would like to thank the Astorg team for the enthusiasm they have demonstrated for our business. We believe that Astorg is the competent and committed partner we need in order to support Surfaces’ ambitious innovation, investment and growth plan.”

Gaetano Maffei, CEO

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