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About ERT

The Company offers a compelling combination of technology, services and clinical expertise, helping their customers to deliver successful clinical trial outcomes by ensuring high quality data-capture, reduced costs, and shortened study timelines. The ERT product suite encompasses six different product lines: eCOA, Cardiac Safety, Respiratory Safety & Efficacy, Imaging, Digital Patient and Trial Oversight.

ERT has established relationships with most blue-chip global pharma companies and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs). The Company is currently supporting more than 3,000 studies, and has been involved in more than 60% of all FDA drug approvals in the U.S. over the last 5 years.

Headquartered in Philadelphia (US), the company employs ca. 2,500 people globally.


Key Data

Investment year:


Sales at acquisition:
ca. 560 m$


In portfolio

Astorg VII

Astorg as seen by ERT

“Astorg’s investment validates the growth strategy we embarked upon with Nordic Capital and Novo, the capabilities of our team, and the value we deliver for our customers every day. This broadened ownership supports our development plans and deepens our service offerings, helping us better meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

 Jim Corrigan, President and Chief Executive Officer of ERT.

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