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About Sebia

Sebia is the global leader in electrophoresis, a niche market in the in-vitro diagnostic field.

Founded in 1967, the group manufactures and sells proprietary electrophoresis instruments and reagents used in diagnostic and monitoring of specific protein disorders. Customers include biologists in laboratories, clinics and hospitals.

Historically focused on the diagnostic of cancer of the bone marrow (multiple myeloma), the group has over the years successfully extended its product portfolio to the diagnostic of genetic heamoglobin disorders and the monitoring of diabetes.

Its international business accounts for nearly three quarters of its sales across more than 110 countries.


Key Data

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Sales at acquisition:
€161 m


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Astorg V

Astorg as seen by Sebia

"Sebia has continued over the past few years to grow and strengthen its leadership position in myeloma diagnostic and monitoring while developing and launching innovative solutions to improve the diagnostic of heamoglobin disorders. I am very happy to be partnering once again with Astorg and Montagu who have demonstrated in the past their willingness and capacity to back Sebia's development. Their expertise in the healthcare sector, as well as their strong support, will be a real contribution to further develop our company." 

Benoit Adelus, Sebia Chairman and CEO

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