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About Parkeon

Parkeon is the global market leader in parking management solutions and a major player in public transport ticketing equipment  

The company operates through 2 business divisions:

  • Smart City operates across the whole value chain of the on-street parking management, from the design and sale of parking terminals and their recurring maintenance and upgrade, to solutions for payment processing and back-office management. Parkeon has also developed parking payment equipment for parking facilities like garages and lots away from cities’ streets.

  • Smart Transport manufactures ticketing equipment, validation terminals and associated software systems for public transport.

Headquartered in Paris, Parkeon generates more than three quarters of its sales internationally across 60 countries.


Key Data

Investment year:

B2B Services

Sales at acquisition:
€225 m


In portfolio

Astorg VI

Astorg as seen by Parkeon

“This deal opens an exciting new chapter for the company. It will allow us to accelerate and reinforce our strategy of innovation and internationalization to serve increasing needs of municipalities all over the world to deal with congestion and pollution. With Astorg's strong track record in developing the companies it invests in, while respecting their culture and social vision, we are confident to take the business to a new level while keeping our strong anchor on the national territory."

Bertrand Barthélémy, Parkeon CEO

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