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About Kerneos

Kerneos is the leading worldwide manufacturer of calcium aluminate cements (CAC).

CACs are mineral binders obtained from the reaction between lime and alumina at high temperatures. CACs are predominantly used in building chemistry where they are key ingredients in products for floor preparation systems, tile adhesives and technical mortars for their fast hardening and drying, and in the insulation of furnaces and ladles in industries that operate high-temperature equipment for their high resistance to heat, mechanical wear and corrosion.

A former division of specialty chemicals group Materis, Kerneos has a global exposure with sales in 100 countries; half of its turnover is generated in Europe, the rest evenly split between the Americas and AMEA. Kerneos operates 11 production facilities worldwide.


Key Data

Investment year:

Realised year:

Speciality chemicals

Sales at acquisition:
€366 m



Astorg V

Astorg as seen by Kerneos

"Astorg will help us pursue the development of Kerneos. The entire staff of Kerneos looks forward to the start of this new era with Astorg, a highly motivated and hands-on owner, sharing our business culture and social vision with a close-by decision center: international expansion and innovative products will be at the center of our growth strategy."

Jean-Marc Bianchi, Kerneos CEO

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